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Radioactive - Chapter 12
A/N. Hopefully last chapter’s ridiculous action was enough to compensate from the previous previous chapter’s mushiness!
Despite the RED’s win over the BLUs, Soldier had still gone back screaming at the team. “YOU CALL THAT A JUMP, CYCLOPS?!” he yelled. The rest of the team were walking ahead, and it had only garnered a response from Demo.
“Wot did ye call me? Ye know nothin’ about jumpin’, ya bloody eagle! Yer firecracker don’t do shiet like me sticky jumper!” Demo shouted back. At the mention of fire, Pyro joined in the argument with his fair share of unintelligible mumbling.
Terri rolled her eyes and stumbled ahead with Sniper, leaving the three of them behind to argue their day away.  “Is this normal?” Terri asked, taking off her shades to wipe at the lens. Sniper glanced back at them, their yelling getting softer as they walked further from the trio. “Mm… Oi’ve seen worse, shiela
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 2
Wrong by MrRiar Wrong :iconmrriar:MrRiar 129 7 Tf2-Magic Medic by MadJesters1 Tf2-Magic Medic :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 358 64
Radioactive - Chapter 10
A/N. So Horst’s secret has been revealed! :D also, if you would, go to DeviantArt, check me and Derwen out (she’s amazing) and add us to your DeviantWATCH!  I post Radioactive there the same time I post each chapter here.
CiriaJacob: You really have no idea how happy I am to see your reviews each chapter :)
Horst belongs to Derwen on DeviantArt
TF2 belongs to VALVe
Terri belongs to me.

The team had already disappeared to their rooms by the time Terri got back, except for Spy, who sat at the table, twirling his knife with one hand, cigarette in the other. “Good evening,” he greeted as Terri took her dinner out from the fridge and picked at it with her fingers. “Hey Spy,” she said, lowering her eyes to her food, grabbing a pair of wooden chopsticks.
“Where did you go earlier?” Spy asked, still twirling his knife. Terri popped a meatball in her mouth. “Outside,” she mumbled, not wanting to talk about it and risk dropp
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 3 2
Radioactive - Chapter 11
A/N. So last chapter was a bit… mushy. So this chapter, to compensate for those of you who don’t like the whole kissing thing, there will be ACTION!  Prepare to see Pyro split someone’s skull with the Axtinguisher after flaring him! (No really, that’s going to happen.)
As usual, Horst belongs to Derwen on DeviantArt
TF2 belongs to VALVe
And Terri belongs to me.
Also, HUGE MAJOR thanks to Ciriajacob for making the new cover! (It’s not up yet, but it will be soon!)

Pipelands wasn’t the best of maps, Terri decided. It was large, the slopes were incredibly difficult to push a payload up, and both teams were pushing their payloads so now the mercenaries had more to do. Push their own payload and prevent the other team from pushing their own.
Five minutes into the battle and Terri was already scarred, blood dripping from a cut across her chest. Her face was spattered with blood from a close fight with the BLU Engineer. She needed a dispenser o
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 3 6
Radioactive - Chapter 9
A/N. You may have noticed my pen name had changed to Rexcaliburr! Well, for awhile I’ve been going by a new alias, Rexcaliburr aka Rexxy. So… I’m still Foreststrike, just with a different name. So my writing style hasn’t changed and neither has the plot!
Also, thanks to Derwen (who owns Horst and Schnaps) for giving me  the whole triggering idea!

Terri had returned to her room after her odd little talk with the Pyro, staring at her hands. Later in the evening she’d leave again, see if Horst was around or not. They hadn’t really met up properly yet, so it’d be nice to get things started before she destroyed anything else with her hands.
The sun was slowly beginning to set, becoming pinker and pinker as it went lower in the sky. Terri glanced out of her window at the sky, turning pink and purple. Teufort sunsets weren’t the best she’d seen before, but they were undoubtedly pretty. After dinner she’d go out, if not t
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 2
TF2 : Breakfast (SFM) by SallibyG-Ray TF2 : Breakfast (SFM) :iconsallibyg-ray:SallibyG-Ray 83 11
Radioactive - Chapter 8
A/N. I MIGHT be starting a CATS the Musical fanfic too. No promises. CATS is a kind of on-off thing for me so I might lose interest so… no promises. Also, check out my Borderlands fanfics, 10 Days and the sequel Missing Piece (which is a collab with Chocolateypony, by the way).
DISCLAIMER: If you don’t like reading people’s spins on the Pyro under his mask, SKIP THIS CHAPTER.
And did I put the disclaimer last chapter? Yes? No? I’m too lazy to check/update.
Horst and Schnaps (who didn’t show up last chapter) belong to Derwen on DeviantArt (CHECK HER OUT. SHE IS AMAZING.)
TF2 belongs to Valve
Terri belongs to me. No stealing any of the above.

Arena was hard. A lot harder than expected. In normal games she could take risks and just Respawn if needed but here, with the knowledge that the dead didn’t come back till the game was over, it really drove her to her Survival Instinct. She didn’t want to be the first to die. At least both teams we
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 4
Radioactive - Chapter 7
A/N. So this story is escalating… quickly. I’m going to try slow it down, add more detail, y’know? And updates might be slower from now since I’m a bit busy with preparing for a Musical.
Terri had returned to the fort, where she got greeted by Soldier yelling in her face about how she needed to report to him every time she wanted to leave the fort. “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TROUBLE YOU HAVE CAUSED, MAGGOT?” he screamed. Terri flinched and put her palm on his helmet, pushing him back. “Don’t yell at me,” she hissed, ignoring the fact that his helmet was half melted now. No one else was around to see it and Soldier himself was too stupid. “I’ve only been here three days.”
Soldier kept yelling at her, but she ignored him, turning and storming to her room, slamming the door shut.  She threw herself onto the bed, ignoring Sniper as he knocked on her door.
“Shiela? Ya okay?” he called. Terri let out a di
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 4 2
TF2-TumblrAsk-7 by MadJesters1 TF2-TumblrAsk-7 :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 136 61
Radioactive - Chapter 6
Brilliant. What the hell was he going to say now? “I uh… who are you again?” Terri asked. The past few battles she had been in was a blur and she wasn’t quite remembering who was who.
“You shot me in the gut vith a flaming arrow zhen ze Spy shot me in the head,” Horst said. Terri settled down next to him, keeping her legs crossed. “Oh… that’s you, huh? Sorry ‘bout the arrow, by the way,” she said, dragging her bow across her lap. “Nein, it’s fine. I’m used to it. I’ve suffered vorse,” he said.
They lapsed into silence, Horst unsure of how to bring up the topic of her ability, and Terri having nothing at all to say. “By any chance did your team leave any acid in the sewer?” Terri asked. Horst raised an eyebrow. “Vhat?” “Acid. In the sewer? Because I saw some the other day.” No need to add in details like what happened after she fell into it.
Wonderful, no
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 2
Radioactive - Chapter 5
Thirty seconds into the game and already the BLUs were capping the point. RED wasn’t able to fight them off up close and personal, the enemy had a sentry placed on the point too, along with a dispenser. Stupid Engineer. “Move up, move up!” Soldier yelled, firing two rockets before reloading behind the cover of a wall as the blue coloured sentry beeped and turned towards him. Spy was already working on sapping the sentry and dispenser, then backstabbing the Engineer.
Terri was disappointed when the rockets got airblasted back to them, blowing up against the wall Soldier was hiding behind. “Bloody hell,” she snarled. RED was never exceptionally good at King of the Hill games, but BLU was being incredible today. Their only consolation was when Spy managed to place his sapper on the sentry while the BLU Engineer wasn’t looking, but that had earned him a wrench to the face, two shotgun bullets in his chest and a journey back to Respawn.
“I’m n
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 4
Radioactive - Chapter 4
A/N. People! If you have a DeviantArt account and wanna help me out with a little project I like to call Team BLK Project (just TBP or BLK for short), go to DevArt, search for a user called Rexcaliburr (with 2 Rs) and look at my journal! (I also post Radioactive there the same time I post each chapter here)
Horst and his cat Schnaps (who guest-starred last chapter) belong to Derwen on DevArt
TF2 belongs to Valve
Terri belongs to me.

Horst was roused from his sleep by a gentle pat on the face with a soft paw. He opened one weary eye, and was greeted with Schnaps staring at him, her eyes boring into his face. With a grunt, Horst propped himself up with one arm, completely regretting not having gone to bed like he knew he should have and instead letting himself fall asleep at his table with the excuse of needing to finish paperwork.
He closed his eyes again, allowing himself just a bit more sleep, but Schnaps wouldn’t have it and pawed him again, this time with more fo
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 5
Radioactive - Chapter 3
A/N. I have so much inspiration to write! (Perks of writing down your entire plot, it’s so much easier to churn out chapters!)
Horst (BLU Medic)(OC) belongs to Derwen on DeviantArt
TF2 belongs to VALVe
Terri (RED Huntress/FemSniper)(OC) belongs to me
Ooooon to the stoooooryyyyy.
With the evening always came a gentle breeze, blowing away the last heat of battle as the adrenaline faded from the mercenaries’ blood and people settled down for the night. Few actually came out to the battleground after the final battle for the day was over, leaving the area quiet and peaceful; say for the few fading bloodstains on the walls and floor.
Spy had led Terri out, back into the field where she was just wrestling with the BLU Medic a couple hours ago. She recalled the scene clearly. She was actually aiming for the Pyro further inside the base and he had taken advantage of her being distracted. The Heavy was still respawning and he figured he’d take the chance at an easy kill, seein
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 2
Radioactive - Chapter 1
“You are 21 and don’t have a boyfriend or a job. My goodness, Terri. You really need to get up and going. I can’t keep supporting you at this rate, just look at you!” Shirley cried as she passed her daughter Terri, who was lazing on the couch, fiddling with the tip of an arrow she had retrieved from her satchel of arrows that usually hung across a coatrack sitting by the door, next to her bow mounted on the wall. Shirley’s arms had a whole bunch of clothes that had just come out of the dryer, and she had gladly dumped the pile on her daughter.
“I can’t find a job, kay? Nothing I’ve seen actually interests me, Mom,” Terri whined as she shifted herself under the pile of clothes. Shirley sighed. “That’s because ya haven’t actually tried to find a job, Terri. You’re always in the house, or shooting arrows in the outback. Your dad wants you to get a job by the end of this year, Terri. We can’t keep supportin
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 2
Radioactive - Chapter 2
So it was settled. The Huntress was a class now, though only temporary till the Admin figured out what to do with BLU for secretly hiring someone. Actually, she had known all along, but had decided to keep shut about it and see what RED would do in retaliation, being the brutes they were.
She had initially expected RED to scale a full-out attack on BLU to show who’s boss around Teufort, but she wasn’t too surprised when Ms Pauling had reported with a recording of Sniper’s conversation over the phone with her.
“Interesting move,” the Admin had said, twirling a cigarette in her fingers the same way Spy loved to twirl his butterfly knife when he was bored, nervous, anxious or excited. Except Admin was void of any of those emotions. Just slight curiousity and interest in the RED’s choice of movement.
She wasn’t too happy about having to have to hire another team member and pay her, but she wanted to see how RED would work with their new teammate, a
:iconrexcaliburr:Rexcaliburr 2 4


Today is a special day indeed! ^^

My younger cat Preztel has rescued a very weak and very tiny baby kitten and brought her to our doorstep!
She got food and water, and after some rest, i bathed her because she was a little smelly. :D

Now she is a happy, playful purring tiny fluffball and we will raise her as our own.

*deep sigh*

so now we have 3 cats. lol

(..that means Horst will have 3 cats aswell in the upcoming renders and comics just saying. lol)

Here some picturrrs.  :3

20160623208 by Derwen  20160623197 by Derwen  20160623192 by Derwen 
furrrst belly wub :3                        Pretzel the saviour                         dis one iz mine.

Untitled by Derwen  Untitled by Derwen
bedtime :3                                                                  "soo tiny!"

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German for Getting Hammered by ElectrikPinkPirate ItisgoodtobehungarianStamp by haadesm german industrial by SilverLuvR Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Creative OC? by Lentertament I :heart: Dr. Cat Stamp by mugcake I Main the Medic Stamp by Disdainful-Loni
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